Drop the book you are reading right now and pick up The Poisonwood Bible. It’s that good. Kingsolver’s fictional tale about a family of missionaries who travel to the Congo in 1959 is mermerizing. Poisonwood is broken up into a series of mini-chapters, each of which employs a  first-person narrative from one of the Price daughters. Each daughter is wildly different, yet compelling, as is their mother Orleanna.  While the characters and the story are interesting, it’s the prose that makes this a book to come back to again and again.  Kingsolver weaves a spell in words. Reading this was like feeling the heart of Africa beat in my chest.  Frankly I could spent a happy afternoon reading Kingsolver’s grocery list (especially after reading her informative memoir Animal, Vegetable, Mineral).  Poisonwood Bible is a heart-rending, heart-pounding delight.