If you liked The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear (or even if you didn’t) pick up a copy of Rumo. Walter Moers returns to his fantastical land of Zamonia with a new protagonist, Rumo, a Wolperting whose passion for fighting is put to good use as he battles the one-eyed monsters Demonocles’, school yard bullies, fencing champions, and all of the occupants of the Netherworld.  All of the best parts of Moers cult novel Bluebear are here: the wild creativity, the fun and amusing drawings, and sense of adventure. What’s absent are the things that bogged down Captain Bluebear, i.e. the sheer amount of detail that turned Walters’ creativity into drudgery. Rumo is a tale full of action and adventure with a good dose of humor (especially concerning our hero’s love life) mixed in as well. It’s a long read (684 pages) but if you’re anything like me you’ll finish it in no time.