Passage, Connie Willis

I’m going to have to spoil a few things about this book. But since I recommend that you skip it I don’t feel too bad. Passage had a very interesting premise. The main character Dr. Joanna Lander is a research psychologist studying near death experiences and teams up with a partner who has found a way to chemically induce them without the pesky side effect of dying. Joanna eventually decides to go under herself in order to see what’s on the other side and she ends up…on the Titanic. Yep you read that correctly-iceberg ahead, I’m king of the world, never let go Jack-Titanic. Although Jack and Rose weren’t there. Even after that curveball I kept reading because while that was weird I hadn’t yet decided if it was good weird or weird weird. But after approximately 600 hundred pages I just stopped caring. I would like to nominate this book for the most protracted death scene I’ve ever read. It kept going until I was begging for the character to just die already. However, Willis’ prose was excellent in parts and because the wonderfully funny writer at¬†recommended her I think I’ll give some of her other books a try.