Yes indeedy it’s time to snap, crackle, and hop once more.Β  Welcome blog hoppers to book bites. I promise I don’t bite, physically that it, I can give out some nasty tongue lashings. This week my tongue (read: typing fingers) lashed out at Charles Dickens in my post “If I had a time machine I would kill Charles Dickens before he could write any books, and other literary fantasies”. Why Charles? Did I read some of his writing that particularly incensed me this week? No. It just seemed like a good time to take that pompous windbag, er, literary icon, down a peg or two. Well, as far down as a dead white dude can go. Currently I’m reading Firmin. The book had a picture of rat on the cover and a bite mark in the side. How could I not pick that up?

As promised last week I’ve set up a poll for the hottest male literary characters. I didn’t include Twilight characters because this isn’t a Team Edward/Team Jacob thing and we all know who has better abs. If any male readers/writers out there want to set up a female counterpart blog, send me an email about guest posting. That’s it lovies. Happy Reading. Leave me a comment so I can visit you back.