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This book in three words: Interesting, Insightful, and Terrifying (if you’re a single woman that is). Gottlieb makes a lot of great points, but if you’re a single woman of any age- watch out! This book will make you want to land the next man that’s half-way decent to you, which I suppose is the point. Her narrative is slightly heartbreaking but insightful at the same time and definitely worth reading. If you’re single and wondering why, on the fence about that guy or girl who doesn’t have all the attritutes on your list, or if you just want a glimpse into the complex female psyche then pick up this book.
Deborah Blum’s account of the rash of poisonings in the beginning of the twentieth century is morbidly fascinating. Blum is scientific without being dull or uncomprehensible, and watching these early scientists tirelessly crusade against ignorance, negligence, and of course those scheming assasins is surprisingly interesting. Filled with anecdotes about murderous grandmothers and unkillable men, The Poisoner’s Handbook is a delightfully dangerous concoction.