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Time to Hop

Yes indeedy it’s time to snap, crackle, and hop once more.  Welcome blog hoppers to book bites. I promise I don’t bite, physically that it, I can give out some nasty tongue lashings. This week my tongue (read: typing fingers) lashed out at Charles Dickens in my post “If I had a time machine I would kill Charles Dickens before he could write any books, and other literary fantasies”. Why Charles? Did I read some of his writing that particularly incensed me this week? No. It just seemed like a good time to take that pompous windbag, er, literary icon, down a peg or two. Well, as far down as a dead white dude can go. Currently I’m reading Firmin. The book had a picture of rat on the cover and a bite mark in the side. How could I not pick that up?

As promised last week I’ve set up a poll for the hottest male literary characters. I didn’t include Twilight characters because this isn’t a Team Edward/Team Jacob thing and we all know who has better abs. If any male readers/writers out there want to set up a female counterpart blog, send me an email about guest posting. That’s it lovies. Happy Reading. Leave me a comment so I can visit you back.


It’s a Hoppin’ good time

It’s that time of the week again, the time when I hop up and down in place… oh is that not what this is? Well welcome to Book Bites anyways fellow book lovers.

Recent Highlights:

I made fun of some Canadians…oh ya and reviewed a book,

implemented a new rating system,

and discovered that there is at least one person, the writer of pussreboots, who is not in love with Mr. Darcy. This got me thinking of a post I’d like to write about the hottest fictional characters, so weigh in below with some ideas and next week I’ll set up a poll.

Hmmm a book I’d love to get my hands on right now? Harry Potter 8

Blog Hop

I’m joining the blog hop at If all of you bibliophiles out there want to find some excellent book recommendations check out these sources of literary inspiration. Or if you want to get your blog out there come take a peek as well. See you at the hop!